Ascendant Challenge this Week [14 April]

The Ascendant challenge this week is really easy, let you know first. about the Ascendant challenge. The Ascendant challenge is the Dreaming city’s weekly activity. Players have to complete the challenges every week. Location of Ascending Challenges changes every week. And it confuses new players. Its scope is very large, so it is very difficult to find a location for new this guide will help you out.

The curse affecting the dreaming city changes and switches from weak, medium and strong. Players can identify the cursed level using the visuals as they spawn into Dreaming City. We can use the cursing type to find the location of Petra Venge, the seller who will challenge you ascending.

Her locations are: The Strand for Weak Curse, Civilian Mists for Medium Curse and Rehasilvia for Strong Curse.

April 14thOuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
April 21stForfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
April 28thShattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium

This week’s challenge is Argonarch Abyss and the curse is weak, meaning Petra Wedge can be located on The Strand. This location will change by date, I have updated the table for dates.

Ascendant Challenge Location This Week

Ascendant Challenge this Week

Find Petra Venj Location

The strength of the curse is Strong, Petra can be located on Aphelion’s Rest.

Note: You have to pick up the week’s challenge from Petra, once you have it, consume the Tincture Queensfoil. After that head to the location mentioned in the article, and there will be a black ball that you can head inside. Complete the challenge accordingly and collect your weekly reward. You can complete the challenge on all three characters.

Earlier Dreaming City used to be the best way of farming powerful gear. But, this season’s introduction of Pinnacle Gear has made everything weird, people are not liking the grind since it only rewards the hardcore players.

Ascendant Challenge this Week

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