PUBG Week 6 Silver Missions :-

  • Get the Crossbow in 5 matches in classic mode- 50 RP
  • Kill an enemy 150 from meters away  once – 100 RP
  • kill 15nemies with DP-28 – 50 RP
  • kill 20 enemies with UMP45 – 50 RP
  • Win a classic match while wearing a lv. 3 Helmet – 50 RP
  • Get 4x scope in 10 matches in classic mode – 50 RP

       PUBG Week 6 Gold Mission :-

  • Kill 3 enemies with Pan – 75 RP
  • Kill 3 enemies with a vehicle – 150 RP
  • Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with assault rifle AR– 75 RP
  • Deal 1000 Damage in a single match – 75 RP
PUBG Week 6 gold missions
PUBG Week 6 gold missions

PUBG SEASON 10 WEEK 5 Missions:-

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